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Manado Inter Derekhyah School Soccer

Manado Inter Derekhyah School Soccer

 Training Soccer young from Manado, North Celebes  in Indonesia Country. Founder club David DS Lumoindong.

A football club that fosters early soccer players, a new club was founded in 2010 in David DS Lumoindong initiated, based in the city of Manado, North Sulawesi in Indonesia. With the number of children in the child's reach 200 students.

    Coaching is applied without charge to the children, this was done with initial funding from the founders to finance coach and equipment is needed. Although not sponsored by the company or a businessman but pembianaan activity goes on, even now hundreds of foster children who are scattered in different districts in the city of Manado even to nearby villages outside the city of Manado.
The guidance uses the distribution of age groups Age early before 9 years, before the 12-year age group, the age group between 13-14 years, and 15-17 years age group.

Manado Derekhyah Inter School Soccer

Sponsors are expected to also support, for further development, for a club that can facilitate the birth of national and even international level players. For those who want to participate please call 085256333111 phone, email Office address in Wanea Jln. No. A.Mononutu. 11, Manado.

Fostering children early is also programmed scholarships for children who excel in educational institutions are also in the club. Health Services, mental and character development, ethics, discipline is also a health concern.

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